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Latest Updates on the Hospitality Industry in Kenya
12 Jan: Kenyan Hospitality Industry Statistics to Consider

Understanding the Kenyan Hospitality Industry Statistics and data points is important to gain perspective into the market’s direction. The hospitality…

How to Start a Fast-Food Business in Kenya
23 Dec: How to Start a Fast-Food Business in Kenya: A Comprehensive Guide

Suppose you’re interested in how to start a fast-food business in Kenya. In that case, you now have access to…

Best Hospitality Jobs in Kenya
21 Dec: Best Hospitality Jobs in Kenya

The hospitality industry in Kenya is among the top contributors due to the revenue earned. Over 2 million tourists each…

Best Hospitality School in Kenya
20 Dec: The Best Hospitality School in Kenya: Fred’s Ranch School of Hospitality

Are you looking for the best school in Kenya to pursue a Hospitality Course?  You are at the right place….